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Corporate Representation

Gursky Ragan provides legal counseling to the officers, directors and property managers as to every aspect of involving the operation of an association.  Our corporate representation of condominiums, cooperatives and homeowners’ associations includes: providing assistance to boards and management teams in preparation of association meetings and elections; researching and preparing opinions regarding the governing documents and pertinent law; enforcing and drafting amendments to the governing documents; and drafting and negotiating contracts with the various vendors and service providers. 

We provide general legal counsel and business advice in the application and compliance of federal, state and local laws, court rulings and administrative decisions that impact the operation of community associations and assist in the preparation, negotiation and procurement of vendor contracts, service contracts, employment agreements, commercial leases, and commercial loans.    Our firm has the knowledge, skill and resources to handle the resolution of disputes amongst unit owners, employees, vendors and service providers in a practical and effective manner.  Our legal team works closely with boards and management to address fiscal matters, including budgeting, special assessments and establishing reserves, as well as provide answers to day-to-day operational, technical, regulatory and practical questions.

Community Association Litigation

Gursky Ragan is dedicated to providing innovative, practical and aggressive representation for our clients in all litigation matters. We strive to efficiently and successfully guide our clients through the litigation process, navigating the complexities of this distinct area of law as condominiums, homeowners’ associations and cooperatives are each governed by a separate section of the Florida Statutes, together with their own unique set of governing documents, each requiring a distinct analysis of governing substantive and procedural law.

Our legal team has the knowledge and expertise to analyze disputes, thoroughly investigate the facts, and determine the proper causes of action or defenses and anticipate possible defenses or counterclaims.  Our attorneys provide thorough representation at hearings, arbitrations, mediations, non-jury and jury trials, and any appellate actions. 

Collections and Foreclosures

We understand that assessments are the financial lifeline of a community association and, as such, Gursky Ragan is dedicated to helping our clients collect delinquent assessments in a timely and cost-efficient manner.  We have developed an excellent reputation for handling a high volume of collection and foreclosure matters quickly and successfully. Our experienced legal team handles thousands of collections matters each year, many of which result in filing foreclosures. Gursky Ragan utilizes a case management software system to track collection cases, meet deadlines and provide clients with status updates.

Corporate Law

GURSKY RAGAN, P.A. has a team of experts ready to advise our clients on Corporate Law related matters in the San Francisco area. We extend our legal experiences to serve clients of all types and sizes. Give us a call now.

Association Liability Issues​

Gursky Ragan has extensive experience handling various types of liability matters from pre-suit investigation and negotiations through trial. We aggressively represent our association clients with liability or casualty claims, including: premises liability, employment matters, on-site security issues, water damage, board member liability and claim disputes.

Local Government

Associations often have issues with local and state government agencies, including zoning and ordinance changes, local tax and assessments, new developments and changing traffic patterns.  Gursky Ragan represents the many interests of our associations before the governmental agencies to ensure that our communities’ rights are protected and their property values are preserved. 


Gursky Ragan works closely with our communities to negotiate the terms and conditions of bulk cable, internet and video communications contracts, as well as cell tower and roof tower leases, and the restructuring of cell tower agreements.

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